Mildred Story

Meet Mildred! Mildred is the founder of a coffee farm or finca in Aratoca in Colombia. What’s the secret to the success and deliciousness of the coffee grown at the farm…..gender equality!

While women provide 70% of the labour in coffee production, they are often kept out of operations and profits. And it isn’t just at production stage, as the the coffee moves further away from the farm, the quieter female voices becomes.

Mildred’s finca is run by and for women. ‘We’re a group of 32 women, working at every level of production all year round’.

Not only is gender equality in the bean, but the women farmers pride themselves on protecting the local environment through certified organic farming practices.

That’s why we named the first blend in our XX series after Mildred, a trailblazer and coffee queen. Our founder and roaster Cecile also makes sure that this coffee is not only grown but roasted by women.

Next time you take a sip of our Mildred, know that it isn’t just a cup of coffee, it’s a sip towards equality.

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